All Holistic Veterinary Care, PA
Lynn S. Peck, DVM, MS

Equine Services

* Musculoskeletal evaluation using applied kinesiology to detect subtle lamenesses and structural problems

* Chronic pain: Soft tissue release using Touch Balancing/Animal Bowen can restore normal bone alignment, reduce inflammation and improve freedom of movement. 

* Chronic disease: Nutrition and homeopathic remedies support immune function, repair damaged tissue, remove toxins, and help reduce inflammation

* Trauma and abuse-related issues addressed using a variety of approaches

* Saddle fit assessment

Small Animal Services

* Nutritional Counseling

* Vaccine titers/counseling

* Nutrition and homeopathic remedies for chronic disease

* Trauma and abuse-related issues addressed using a variety of approaches

* Thunderstorm phobia and separation anxiety therapy

* Hands-on bodywork (Touch Balancing/Animal Bowen ) and nutritional support for chronic musculoskeletal pain

* Electromagnetic radiation assessment and bioneutralization of home environment as needed

Touch Balancing/Animal Bowen

Touch Balancing/Animal Bowen is a gentle but powerful technique developed in Australia by Tom Bowen and adapted for use in animals by Carol Bennett of Durango, CO. It is a unique form of neuromuscular repatterning that releases stress and tension in the nervous system and in muscles and tendons.

Conditions helped include:

* Chronic pain : laminitis, back pain, hip dysplasia, musculoskeletal injury, other lamenesses

* Fear or anxiety-related behavior

* Scar-related constrictions

* Digestive disorders

* Immune problems

* Incontinence

* Diabetes

* For more information or to attend a Touch Balancing/Animal Bowen workshop, see