All Holistic Veterinary Care, PA
Lynn S. Peck, DVM, MS

This site is archived in memory of Dr. Lynn S. Peck.

Lynn Suzan Peck passed away peacefully on May 30, 2017 at Haven Hospice in Gainesville, FL, after a short yet devastating illness. Born February 12th, 1957 in Orange, CA, she was predeceased by her mother, Maria Gulovich, and her father Eugene Colfax Peck. Lynn is survived by her brother Eugene, of Oxnard, CA, her niece, Lisa, of New Haven, CT, and her cats Jenny, Joey, and Mathis.

An active competitor in dressage and evening, Lynn gained certification as an Assistant Instructor before becoming interested in veterinary medicine. She did her undergraduate work at UC Santa Barbara, and earned her veterinary degree and a Master's degree in equine reproduction at the University of Florida.

Dr. Peck was a solo veterinary practitioner at All Holistic Veterinary Care in Gainesville, FL, an equine and small animal practice, focusing on soft tissue and neuromuscular issues, chronic pain, and chronic diseases, particularly in sport horses and dogs. Dr. Peck also had over 30 years' experience in basic and applied research at the University of Florida. Her work was presented at national and international scientific conferences.

Lynn's pioneering work in the field of holistic healing for animals suffering from pain or behavioral issues was nothing less than extraordinary. Her empathy and kindness in relating to animals brought many a chronic case back to healthy, happy life.

Lynn was very active in the Campus Church of Christ community, where she was a long standing and revered member of the congregation. Her charitable work extended through the church, to equine rescue organizations, and many other groups benefiting from her participation.

Lynn was an exceptional woman, always ready to offer a helping hand or kind word to both humans and animals. She touched the hearts and lives of many, and she will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her.